Death is making his way back into the theater for his popular role in Final Destination 5.  He has been popular enough to make his way into five installments of a film, more than most Hollywood actors, so give him credit where credit is due.  Although the Grim Reaper deserves a pat on the back, does he deserve a purchased ticket at the box office?

The last FD film I saw was the first one [2000], which gave me an idea of what the ensuing films would consist of, even with some nuances promised in this film.  However, is unoriginality a good enough reason for someone to say ‘no’ to a film?  Although Christians should approach a film like this with caution, I will follow up with a post tomorrow discussing some good things about the Final Destination franchise…that’s right…good.

Here are a few negative things to consider while wading through the grey:

The first thing to consider is the artistic value of this film.  Christians should strive for good art and appreciate good art when they see it.  The FD films have an interesting concept (this will be discussed in part 2), but the interesting/original concept is now gone.  Money is now driving this machine.  These movies employ bad acting and low budget special effects.  By today’s standards, these films are fairly low budget, but they make a decent amount of money.  Almost everything about these movies scream ‘Poor!’  Therefore, you are merely padding the budget of New Line Cinema when you go see this film, which is something to think about.

Something else to consider is the fact that it’s #5.  Let’s be honest, how many number 5’s have been all that great?  Rocky V?  Saw V? Maybe you’ll argue that You Only Live Twice or Star Wars: Episode II (which is 5) are great fifth installments of films.  But let’s not forget what film series we’re talking about here.  This is Final Destination, not some timeless series such as Ian Fleming’s Bond or Lucas’ epic space saga.  This goes back to Christians appreciating good art, and the fifth installment of a gross-out violent film is anything but timeless.  Which leads me to my last point…violence.

The exploitation of violence is the most obvious caution for the discerning Christian.  While some of the films have nudity (which is also something to be cautious of since it’s typically exploitative in these films), they all have violence…lots and lots of gruesome violence.  Decapitations, bodies ripped apart, intestines spilled, and a lasik operation gone bad in the most recent – at least that’s what is assumed from the trailer.  Now, if you’re the guy or girl who says, “But that kind of thing doesn’t bother me.”  You’re a liar.  The entire reason you go to movies like these is to be impacted.  You go to films like these to be grossed out, so if you claim that you aren’t impacted by that movie than you might as well not go.  But if you’re persistent and say, “These movies don’t bother me.  I really just go to be entertained.”  My question to you would be, “Shouldn’t they bother you?”  Shouldn’t depictions of gruesome deaths of fellow image-bearers upset us.  We are all created in God’s image [Gen. 1:26 & 27] and the death of a human being should rattle us when it’s graphically depicted on screen.

These are just a few reasons (I’m sure there’s more) why I think Christians should approach a film like FD5 with great caution.  These films will soon be forgotten, but the gruesome images will have a lasting impact.  Therefore, truly examine your heart and see that there may be less grey area than you might think.  Be sure and check back tomorrow as I do point out some positive, biblical insights from the film.

  1. […] Yesterday I discussed a few reasons why Christians should approach a film like Final Destination 5 with great caution.  While I still hold to that, I do believe there are some deep Scriptural truths we can glean from the entire franchise. […]

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