The MPAA: Catering to Our Inner Pharisee [Part 2]

Posted: August 9, 2011 by jperritt in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I began to expose the unbiblical path the MPAA often leads Christians down. Again, my beef is not so much with the MPAA as it is with Christians being undiscerning in this area.  Using discernment takes strength and energy, looking at a rating does not.

Therefore, my second issue is the fact that it can lead to laziness.  In case you haven’t figured this out on your own, laziness comes easy.  Being slothful is a sin and we are all inclined to sin, so we are always prone to be lazy.  We typically associate laziness with physical activity.  While we are definitely lazy in that area, I believe we are much more mentally lazy.

When God created us in his image [Gen. 1:26-27], he created us to be intelligent, thinking humans.  If he created us with this design, you can bet your movie pass that Satan is hard at work to keep you from thinking.  Therefore, if your decision of movie-going lies solely in the hands of the MPAA, this is not wise.  There is little, to no, thinking involved in this process and God calls us to steward our brains for His glory.

Instead of writing a movie off because of an ‘R’ or ‘PG-13’ rating, think a bit more intently about it.  Ask yourself if some of the themes or the content would be good exposure for you.  Read a bit about the movie at websites like IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes (or Reel Thinking).  The point is, as a Christian, you need to do more reading and thinking on your own instead of having people tell you what movies you should watch.  Although your heart is always deceiving you [Jer. 17:9], you know your areas of temptation better than the MPAA.

[part 3]


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